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Rimo listens, questions, and writes—transforming your spoken ideas into structured texts, letting you focus on what truly matters.

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How It Works

Step 1.

Get Set, Plan!

Before diving into writing, let Rimo understand your goals. Whether it's a press release or a report, just outline your needs, and we'll craft the perfect framework for your content.

Get Set, Plan!

Step 2.

Let's Talk

Simply talk to Rimo's AI as if you're having a friendly chat. Rimo listens and asks questions, tailoring the conversation to ensure all key details are captured for your content. No need to worry about perfect wording—just speak freely.

Let's Talk

Step 3.

Instant Drafts

Once the conversation ends, Rimo instantly generates a draft. This initial version is your canvas — feel free to tweak and tailor it to your heart's content.

Instant Drafts

Step 4.

Customize Your Content

Want to add your personal touch or adjust the format? No problem. Direct Rimo to refine the entire document or just polish specific parts. Make it casual, add details, or even translate—leave the heavy lifting to us.

Customize Your Content


Upload and Go

Have a recorded interview? Simply upload the audio, and Rimo will transform it into a structured article in a few minutes. It's your fast track to content creation.

Upload and Go

Craft Any Writing, Unleash Every Possibility


Professional Writing

Struggling with transcription and article crafting? Rimo turns your spoken insights into text, freeing time for deeper research.


Casual Blogging

Overwhelmed by turning thoughts into text? Speak casually to Rimo, and watch your ideas unfold into compelling blog posts.


Organizing Ideas

Juggling disjointed ideas? Discuss them with Rimo for clearer structure, making sharing and refining your thoughts a breeze.

Business reports
Academic papers
Professional articles
Press releases
Marketing materials
Product catalogs
Internal memos
Social media posts
Educational materials
And many more...





No credit card required 

  • Up to 40 minutes of audio per file.

  • 1 article / month

  • Up to 4 AI Edit / month


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  • Up to 90 minutes of audio per file.

  • 5 articles / month (Up to 200 minutes total)

  • 20 AI edits / month




  • Up to 90 minutes of audio per file.

  • 15 articles / month (Up to 600 minutes total)

  • 60 AI edits / month

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Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of articles can Rimo write?
Rimo can write anything. Just tell the AI what you need during the initial proofing. For instance, it can craft business insights, technology news or even your personal new year resolutions.
Can I customize the article's tone and style?
Yes, you can specify this during the initial briefing or instruct the AI for adjustments after the draft is written.
How fast can I expect my articles?
About 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you streamline the interview during editing, it's possible even in 10 minutes.