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AI-Assisted Interview Planning

Our service not only understands your objectives and desired themes but also suggests optimized, ready-to-use questions, streamlining your interview preparation.

AI-Assisted Interview Planning


Seamless Interview Execution

In resource-tight situations, let our AI streamline your interviews - conducting, transcribing, and summarizing key points in one efficient workflow.

Seamless Interview Execution


Instant AI Outlines

Generates initial frameworks focusing on key questions and points, streamlining your writing process.

Instant AI Outlines


Smooth Writing with AI

Dive into a fluent writing tools including dictionary integration, editing using transcription, filler word removal, and easy exports to Word or Markdown.

Smooth Writing with AI


Upload Your Interview Files

Effortlessly edit your interviews with our feature that allows seamless editing of both video and audio files you've uploaded too.

Upload Your Interview Files

Future Pricing

* Currently, all functions are free until Feb 20, 2024.



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  • Up to 40 minutes of audio per file. (90 minutes for first file)

  • 1 article / month

  • Up to 5 AI Edit / month





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Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of articles can Rimo write?
Rimo can write anything. Just tell the AI what you need during the initial proofing. For instance, it can craft business insights, technology news or even your personal new year resolutions.
Is this service free?
Until Feb 20th, 2024, all functions are free. After that we will offer subscription plan.
Can I customize the article's tone and style?
Yes, you can specify this during the initial briefing or instruct the AI for adjustments after the draft is written.
How fast can I expect my articles?
About 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you streamline the interview during editing, it's possible even in 10 minutes.